Where are Gille biscuits made?
Almost all Gille biscuits are made in our two bakeries in Åsljunga and Örkelljunga which lie in the north of Skåne, Sweden.

How many biscuits are made every day?
During peak season we bake about five million biscuits every day, which is 100 tons of biscuits.

Which one of the Gille biscuits sells best?
Double Chocolate Crisps is the biscuit that sells best out of the entire Gille product range.

In which kind of packaging are the biscuits?
We have three different types of packaging: cardboard trays, plastic containers, and tins. Their weight ranges from 150g to almost 1kg.

How long until Gille biscuits expire?
Generally nine months for ordinary biscuits, four and a half months for pastry (such as Gille Pastry, Punch rolls and Caramel Pastry). Our gingersnaps keep for twelve months.

Are there any preservatives in Gille biscuits?
No, not in our baked biscuits which are sold directly to the consumers. Only our patisserie range and gingersnap dough (i.e. products that are not baked) contain preservatives.

Is any food coloring used in Gille biscuits?
In all cases where we have the possibility, we use no food coloring, but when necessary, we use self-evidently only approved and well known food coloring, often directly from natural sources such as the red of carrots.

Are there any trans fats in Gille biscuits?
No, we use no hardened or animal fats.

Do you use palm oil in Gille Cookies?
Yes and no. Some of our gingersnaps and biscuits can be baked without palm oil, but instead with alternatives such as rapeseed and Shea oil. Other biscuits are baked with margarine, containing, amongst other things, palm oil, since it is necessary for the dough’s texture and to allow us to avoid using trans fats. Since 2012 we are buying Green Palm certificates for our palm oil, which includes the support of the development of the production of sustainably produced palm oil. A further step we took in August 2013, when we fully went over to “mass balance” palm oil, which means that only certified oil is delivered to our suppliers in Sweden for the further production of our margarine.

From 2016 we take another step with segregated palm oil.

Our raw material supplier who is partly a founding member of the RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil) focuses on and works hard towards the environmentally sustainable production of palm oil. It is a non-profit organization that develops and advances the introduction of standards for sustainably produced palm oil. The palm oil we buy has its origin in Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are even members of the RSPO ourselves via our Dutch parent company.

Do Gille biscuits contain milk, butter, or other dairy products?
No, our biscuits are baked without milk, but there may be traces of milk in some chocolate products. In case you are allergic, please always read the list of ingredients on our biscuit packaging or go to our website where you can find detailed information about all our biscuits and what they contain.

What is natural butter flavoring?
Natural flavoring substances are substances that are naturally occurring and which can be found in nature. By definition they have to be produced from natural raw materials such as fruit, vegetables, etc. Natural flavoring substances can also be obtained from natural plants or meat raw materials. Since January 20, 2011, legislation classifies flavoring substances as either “natural” or “other” flavorings.

We have chosen to use a natural butter flavor for our products which does not contain any substances of animal products. The flavoring smells like butter but it has nothing to do with the raw material milk.

Are Gille biscuits made of organically and sustainably grown raw materials?
Our organic ginger snaps are made of organically sustainably grown raw material.

Are there any sugar free Gille biscuits?
We have sugarfree Oat Biscuits and Ginger snaps with no added sugar.

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