About Gille




The Gille brand
Tord Einarsson established the Gille brand at Kafé Gillet in Örkelljunga back in the 1960s. The fine cookies quickly built up an excellent reputation, and Gillekakor (Gille Cookies) were soon on sale throughout Sweden. The 1970s saw the introduction of the distinctive family pack – the white box that Swedes of all ages have learned to love, as it always contains enough cookies for everyone.



Gille cookies in the Nordic region
In the early 1980s, Norwegian, Danish and German consumers started to ask for our cookies, and our export operation accelerated rapidly. Development received a boost, too, as the Gille Bakery started to focus on ginger snaps. Today, Gille’s Ginger Snaps are among the best-selling cookies in Sweden. From classic small ginger snaps to organic ginger snaps and large ginger snaps with a hole in the centre that can be used as decorations on Christmas trees, for example. The increase in demand resulted in the company opening a new factory in Örkelljunga in the mid-1980s. In exactly the same way as before, the newly baked cookies are packed manually at the end of the production line – with each product being laid carefully in the box by hand.

Market leader in the 1990s
Gille’s cookies are made using predominantly Swedish ingredients of the finest quality. Our bakers select them carefully from suppliers in the southern areas of Sweden. For example, the oats used in Gille’s products stem from the Västgöta plains, which are said to be the best region in Sweden for growing this cereal. Our ambition is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy our biscuits and cookies, which is why we bake all our products without additives, milk and trans fats. We also avoid using hazelnuts and peanuts. Gille became the market leader in Sweden in the early 1990s, and was subsequently awarded the Stora Exportpriset award for its development abroad. In 2000, the company’s exports exceeded domestic sales in Sweden.

Local production in Sweden, backed by strong European owners.
Almost all Gille products are baked and packed with care and attention at our two bakeries in Åsljunga and Örkeljunga in Southern Sweden. Around 220 employees bake more than 1.5 billion biscuits and cookies every year. Today, the Gille brand is owned by Continental Bakeries North Europe AB, which is part of a major European group. Click here to find out more about Continental Bakeries.


For many people, Gille is synonymous with the Swedish coffee tradition.
The Gille brand continues to grow in step with elements of the Swedish cultural heritage – such as the famous everyday coffee routine: a distinctive part of Swedish life, which people from other countries consider exotic and new. We are more than happy to take time to enjoy coffee and cookies. What is more, cookies are an integral feature of all kinds of celebrations, and we love to take coffee breaks with our colleagues at work. Even though there are not many traditional, old-fashioned cafés left in Sweden, the tradition lives on in Gille’s cookies.







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