Quality & Environment


With a global population of seven billion, our planet’s natural resources are severely stretched. We live in a world where the temperature is rising, water is in short supply, energy is expensive, access to food is uncertain, and the chasm between rich and poor is becoming ever wider. Continental Bakeries has no intention of turning a blind eye to the problems facing the world. We believe that companies have an obligation to be part of the solution. Profitable, sustainable growth is the only acceptable business model.

Our vision:

Continental Bakeries is to continue to expand through ongoing product development that generates everyday value in the form of moments of joy and well-being, at the same time as improving the nutritional value of our products, reducing our environmental impact, and boosting our positive social input.

Our strategy:

To achieve this vision, we have integrated sustainability into our strategy, products and innovation. Our objective is to contribute to a world where it is usual for companies to show consideration for the well-being of individuals, and for the natural limits of the planet:

  • Products that generate everyday value in the form of moments of joy and well-being
  • Products of sustainable origin used in a way that helps conserve the natural resources of our planet
  • Respect for human rights and the communities where we operate.

Our programme is built on four distinct pillars:

Working relationships with our customers

We help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals by focusing on sustainably centred development of new products, and internally developed own brands. We improve the nutritional value of our products, thus contributing to a healthier lifestyle. We focus on the nutritional value and appropriate portion size of our products, without compromising on taste or enjoyment.

Sustainable ingredients and packaging

Continental Bakeries is committed to maintaining close working relationships with its key suppliers and packaging experts, including sustainable methods. We take care to purchase sustainable ingredients and packaging.

Operative sustainability

We work hard to reduce our operative footprint: water, gas and electricity. In addition, we focus clearly on reducing the volume of waste we produce. As regards logistics, we work to find ways to ensure improved efficiency in the distribution of goods to our customers, and to reduce carbon emissions.

Eggs from free-range hens

Continental Bakeries is committed to contributing actively to a better world – including improved animal welfare. We do not use eggs from battery hens at our factories, only from free-range hens that live outdoors. Pure pleasure with a good feeling inside!

We care about people

Sustainable growth can only be achieved by having the right people working in an organisation equipped to win. It requires a culture where performance is in line with the values. We are proud of our company, our employees and our products. Moreover, we strive to play an active role in the local communities where Continental Bakeries runs operations.

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