Developing a new product sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Many stages of approval are required before a product can even hope to qualify for a place on the shelves. Camilla Tuvesson, Gille’s marketing manager, is someone who follows the process right the way through.

Camilla Tuvesson has always worked in sales and marketing. She has been working at Continental Bakeries in Åsljunga for the past six years. As marketing manager, she is there from beginning to end when it comes to launching a new product. In 2018 alone, Gille have made two major launches. The first of these was the Gille Sports Pastry – a more healthy product with 75 per cent less sugar, 7 per cent fibre and raspberry chunks. The latest launch she took part in was the concept, “SEVEN KINDS OF COOKIE”, which is currently available in ICA, Coop and City Gross shops across the whole of Sweden.

– We think we have found a great concept that really suits the Gille brand. ‘Seven Kinds of Cookie’ has a long tradition that still exists in people’s memories, explains Camilla.

How did you come up with the idea of ​“SEVEN KINDS OF COOKIE”?
– We have recently been working hard to reach a younger target market and families with children. According to our consumer surveys, we have found that children want a “little treat” every day, and that there should always be some cookies in the jar at home. The new ‘fika’ trend – Swedish for ‘coffee break’ – fits perfectly with our range, and through our “SEVEN KINDS OF COOKIE” concept, we are bringing a genuine, festive tradition and sense of community to new generations where everyone can simply socialise and enjoy something nice every day.

Can you tell us a little about the flavours?
– During the interviews, we found that this retro trend is becoming very strong now. Although people want new tastes, they also want the flavours they know and love. Therefore, our first launch was the Shortbread Biscuits, followed by the Chocolate Chip Cookies, and then the Ginger Biscuits. The Shortbread Biscuits represent tradition, whereas the Chocolate Chip Cookies were developed because we know that most people love chocolate. The Ginger Biscuits are the odd ones out; they’re a biscuit with a bit of fire in them. Our goal is to go on to develop a whole range of exciting choices.

But, of course, simply having a good idea is not enough. Before the product can be sold in shops, there are many stages of decisions to be made. The idea must be presented internally, and to customers in different stages and to sellers. The product must be listed, which means that it must be approved before it can be sold in the respective supermarket chains. In short, a lot of things have to go well – it is not enough for the cake just to be fantastic. Fortunately, however, “SEVEN KINDS OF COOKIE” was listed, and the first three flavours can now be found on the shop shelves.

– We are now continuing our work to support the products through different marketing campaigns in order to encourage the consumers to try new products. For instance, we have just begun a taste trial campaign in order to really learn what consumers think of the new products.

Why does this job suit you?
– Partly because I am interested in consumers and trends – I find behaviour in general exciting – but also because I think it’s very cool to work with everyday commodities, and because I also have an interest in food. It is a branch with a high tempo and I like being in the middle of things. There are always quick decisions to be made in this fast-changing environment, and each day is different from the last. It is also very interesting and inspiring to work on brand development, and Gille is a fantastic brand with great core values.

And finally, what is your favourite cake?
– At the moment, it’s the Sports Pastry. They are absolutely delicious.

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