Gille is now launching a scented kitchen wallpaper. The product is a part of the SEVEN SORTS OF COOKIES concept that was introduced earlier this year – a cookie concept where Gille mixes favourites from years gone by with new and exciting trends in taste.

– SEVEN SORTS OF COOKIES is a completely new initiative for us, and we’re hugely excited to be able to launch a scented kitchen wallpaper as a part of the concept, relates Camilla Tuvesson, Marketing Manager at Continental Bakeries, North Europe.

The wallpaper is called SEVEN SORTS OF COOKIES and valued at approx. SEK 650 per roll. It will be available in limited quantities and distributed via the Gille Instagram account. During the first four weeks, the wallpaper emits subtle scent of freshly baked cookies.

– The wallpaper is the perfect match for a wonderful, summery kitchen. Everyone can now bring the sense of freshly baked cookies into their home, using our delicious cookies and scented wallpaper. Gille adds a touch of pink to each and every day, continues Camilla Tuvesson.

– In spring, we released the first three cookies in our SEVEN SORTS OF COOKIES concept. The first round comprised short bread biscuits, chocolate cookies and ginger biscuits and we will be developing the assortment in the future. Just like the other products in the Gille assortment, these cookies are baked in Sweden.

What’s the story behind Seven sorts of cookies?
According to tradition, it was considered stingy to offer only six different kinds of cookies, while it was viewed as extravagant to offer eight or more. Seven different sorts of cookies was therefore the perfect number – neither too many nor too few. The custom has existed since the 1800s, and the book entitled SEVEN SORTS OF COOKIES, published for the first time in 1945, is the best-selling cookbook in Swedish history. Gille is now handing down the tradition of SEVEN SORTS OF COOKIES to new generations.

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