Gille pastries + smoothies = true! That is, if you ask our influencer Anna Lindberg. Anna currently runs the colourful Instagram account @memysmoothiesandlife, where she’s happy to share her smoothies in all shapes, sizes and colours. Over the coming weeks she’ll be passing on tips and hints about a variety of pastry smoothies on Gille’s social media pages – a really special treat!

We met up with Anna this morning to sit down and chat about Instagram, inspiration and – of course – smoothies.

Hi Anna! How’s things?
Hi! All good, thanks. I’m almost overflowing with energy and inspiration right now.

That’s great! What made you start your Instagram account @memysmoothiesandlife?
Well, I love smoothies and I love Instagram … and two years ago, I spotted an opportunity to combine my two interests. It actually started out as a bit of fun, but it’s gradually become more and more serious. I started my own company last spring, and now I just want to keep on exploring the area and see where it leads. 

What are your sources of inspiration?
Colours, emotions and nature. My mood is clearly reflected in my smoothies – if the weather is cold and rainy, I’ll often make a smoothie involving chocolate. If it’s warm and sunny, however, I’ll usually reach for the strawberries or some other kind of berry. Colours are a strong source of inspiration.

Do you have a favourite colour?
Personally, I love pink, but I’ve noticed that my followers love blue. If I post pics of a bright blue smoothie, the comments field goes wild. It’s quite funny …

 What’s the secret behind a really good smoothie?
A scoop of high-quality protein supplement is the secret to making it really creamy. Another top tip is coconut milk, which makes it extra fluffy. And I think you shouldn’t be afraid of adding vegetables; spinach and cauliflower are two excellent tips.

What do you most like to eat (if you’re not chugging a smoothie)?
Pasta! I just love all kinds of pasta. This summer, I’ve had a lot of truffle pasta, but you can never go wrong with seafood pasta either. Whatever, the pasta simply has to be al dente. That’s really important.

What’s the most smoothie-friendly pastry?
The Shortbread biscuits! They’re fantastic to use as decorations, and the biscuit crumbs are delicious with different kinds of berries.

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